Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Find my Lack of Faith Appropriate

I am currently reading a book called "Flabbergasted".

I picked it up at the library thinking it to be a harmless book about a guy who falls for a girl and then goes fishing. But it's not that simple. The girl he falls for is a missionary. He met her while at a church group and then a church weekend away. He was there because his Real Estate Agent told him it was more popular than the local bar scene.

I confess, I to have been lured in to a Holy Building by the temptation of cute boys. What I got, to be honest, was bored.

I felt unrelated to. The people I know who have this Faith seem to be the epitomy of Shit Happens. Everyone I spoke to had a story that involved feeling like the world had fucked you over one to many times and then, seemingly miraculously, a person emerged out of the gloom to say "I can't help you, but I know someone who can".

Now that seems a little contrite to me. Like the people recruited have to have nothing else. I, who have never been down the path of Drugs, alcahol or the other million sins I don't have time to list, have never seen the point.

Someone told me that there was a God because for something the exist it had to be created. So I asked "who created God?"

Friend: No one. He has always existed.
Me: Well that just disproved your argument.
Friend: I believe.
Me: When you can tell me where your God comes from, I will believe too.

That was a good couple of years ago. She hasn't answered me yet.

But I am not here to have a argument with anyone reading this blog. I am just wanting to put a question out there.

How do you know if you have Faith?

I'm not entirely sure that I know what Faith is. Not really. I have bits but the rest of the enchilada, so far, eludes me.

I have faith that the sun will come up tomorrow. I have faith that if I drink to much I will fall over. I have faith that if I get hit by a car someone would try to steal my bag and that someone else would, at least, call an ambulance.

But in things I cannot see, touch, feel the effects of. No faith at all.

And you may wonder how. "God is in the details" I have been told. The flowers intricate petals, a birds wing, blah, blah, blah.

Anyway. This post is far to serious to come from a book which is, essentially, a comedy - if a romantic one.

Although it was also prompted by my own meeting of someone, who is not a missionary.

So lets just hope that the guy gets his girl.

I have faith that he will.

EDIT: My firends will be most impressed with me reading a book by a christian author...

EDIT 2: I have an interview on Monday.


Lorna's Ark said...

Hello you know that i have to comment on this one!!!
I know I have Faith because I gave birth to her!

woot said...

True. Have finished the book now. Not bad, you should go find a copy.