Monday, November 21, 2005

Walking on the Wild Side

Well, Walking through a Perfectly Safe Wildlife Sanctury Regularly Patrolled by Wardens doesn't really have the same ring to it.

Although there were warnings on the map about walking through giant spider webs, being careful not to trend on any brown snakes and what to do if attacked by an Emu (you put your arm in the air(?)), I have managed to return unscathed and with a couple of pics of the cutest little Kangerooish type things (no idea what they are called)

I am going to call it Edwood. I call everything Edwood.

Found a lovely riding centre while I was gallivanting around. The Glenworth Horse Riding Centre looks fantastic. All the horses look happy and the scenery you can ride through is amazing.

That is just a tiny bit of it. There are rivers to go splashing through, natural pools to swim in, picnic areas, tree swings, its just lovely.

Lots of adventure stuff to do to.

Better than swimming in a very murky sea which I unfortunately did not get pics of. Looked amazing, branches of red cutting through the water like tree branches. Swimming was not pleasant as I emerged with a slightly red tinge and smelling like old smoked kippers...

Showered lots...


Lorna's Ark said...

you need 2 shower lots anyway!

woot said...

Cheers for that doll.

Shouldnt you go update your blog or something....

P. xxx