Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Drunkedy, drunk, drunk...

Hmmmmm. I appear to be slightly drunk. I know I am drunk when a) I cannot spell drunk and am relying heavily on the spell check and b) when I think Brandy is a good idea.

I am currently drinking Brandy.

And that is after a very nice Sparkling Rose wine.

Nice mixture, I am sure you agree.

I am listening to a lot of music at the moment. I love my laptop. I can choose exactly which tracks I want to listen to without having to fiddle about with a million cd’s.

There are about three songs that absolutely love on each album that I own and the rest I am usually not entirely bothered about but listen to them because I want to hear the other three. Well now I can sift through all the twaddle and listen to my faves, yay!

My current playlist consists of Goo Goo Dolls, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Foo Fighters, Dido, Keane, Sheryl Crow, Athlete, Placebo, Counting Crows, The Zutons and Mark Owen.

Yes. I said Mark Owen.

Yes I am 25.

He is vastly underrated. I think Robbie is ok and he is the one that really made it etc but Mark is something different. His songs really say something to me. They are not just words randomly strung together that sound clever. I believe Mark.

I fully intend to play one of his songs at either my wedding or my funeral, which ever comes first.


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Again - thanks babe.

I'm gonna have to start checking these before i let you publish them, aint i?