Friday, November 11, 2005

Attack of the Freckles*

Hello again.

I was chatting merrily to a guy on yahoo the other day. Seemed a nice enough bloke. Quite funny etc...

Then he asked if I have a pic.

I don't like pictures of me. Who does? All those celebrities who look fantastic in magazines are airbushed and that is after they have been made up, dressed and put in to a pose with the best possible lighting by a team of experts. So what chance do I have?

But he had sent me a pic of him so I figured it was only fair.

So I wandered off to find my digital camera. I hate digital cameras purely because it means I cannot avoid things like this. Mind it has saved me an absolute fortune on having shed loads of shit photos developed...

So I attempted to take a photo of myself. This is not easy. It was either all you could see was my arm going across the pic or I was partially blinking and looked like I was drunk/ half asleep. Then I discovered my camera has a timer.

I was very impressed. You just don't get nice surprises like that if you read the manual.

So I took about 15 photos just trying to find one to send to ths guy. I loaded them on to my laptop and decided to go looking at them in a bit more detail before I just sent them off. While looking, I discovered I can edit.

You have never seen a bigger grin on my face. I know that there are probably loads of people out there thinking that I am a complete idiot who knows less about anything technical than one of the spiders living in the plastic plant on my balcony, but I wasimpressed with it so leave me be.

Anyway, after being silly and putting a fish eye effect over a couple of the pictures or turning my self in to a coloutring book picture, I found the colour effects and I must say I look better in black and white. Still not fabulous, but better than a troll.

And that is all I ask.

While doing my check of blogs I noticed that James has translated a song about elves and it is one of the better ones. I love his blog. Always random. Always amusing.

Also found this news story of what a woman did to get back at her ex. Don't think his *ahem* is worth £17,000 though...

*The point of this post was for me to complain about my freckles. I'm covered in the little bastards. 24 years in cold, grey Blighty seemed to have faded them and I was practically freckle free. Now 2 months in the Aussie sunshine and they are back!

No wonder my landlord thought I was 15....


snowfish said...

no your not the only one
but then again i cant edit
i must learn now

woot said...

Hello snowfish.

I got the ability to edit with the software with my camera.

I found if i mess about with stuff i either learn of cause things to blow up!

Lorna's Ark said...

Well miss B I think ur funny! You must teach me how not to look like a troll! although you may have to wait til I have had my baby before I let you take pictures....oh silly me and you return from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD!!!