Sunday, December 11, 2005

Tis the Season to be Jolly

Fa la la la la la la la la!

Or, in my case, Tis the Season to Drink to Much, Eat to Much, Listen to to Much Christmas Music and Get Really Annoyed at all the Shops Putting Decorations up to Early.

And, just to top matters off, I was talking to an Ex the other day. Now this is a guy I have known for ages. We went out for a short while, it ended and we procedded to see each other very rarely but when we did we would usually get dunk and end up in compromising positions but we never quite got it back together.

So we had this chat and it turns out that we are pssibly the MOST stupid people on the planet. We met in Feb and hit it off again but neither of us wanted to admit it to the other person. We both spent about four weeks subtley giving out signals that were interested that the other managed to completly ignore.

I was mad about this boy. Totally. Never mentioned it though. Never do. Was gutted when we broke up. Never mentioned that either. It's just not me.

And now? We have had this chat. Got it all in the open. Good, yeah?


He is now totally besotted with another girl. Never met her but she sounds lovely. She would, wouldn't she.

And he sounds happy. Which is the worst part. To not be happy for him would be petty and mean, which i refuse to be, but to be honestly happy for him will take huge force of will.

Its all very confusing.

It sounds really bad but I just figued he would still be there when I got back from Oz and was ready to be a bit more settled. Then would see if we were still compatible, hopefully a bit more compatible than we were previously. Obviously wont be mentioning this to him now.

So what do I do? Well in my time honoured tradition I am gonna flirt (currently via email and messenger), not actually tell him what is going through my head, and see what happens. Last time this proceedure resulted in us breaking up so this time it cannot be a worse result.

Can it?

Oh bugger it all to hell and high water.

Que Sera Sera and all that jazz.

P.S. I finished the book in the earlier post. He didnt conclusively get the girl. He got god. Not a fair substitute in my book.

P.P.S. Lorna will hate this post


Lorna's Ark said...

Your wrong! I love your post its the first time you have been truly honest about him, (which I already worked out by the way!) was just waiting for you to say it!
I dont like him but then you never liked most of mine, even Stu's abit dodgy sometimes!
But I love you big big hugs and if you wont him and he make you happy go for it! only P.s don't make me wear lilac and have a horride fake Hulk Hogan tan he he!

woot said...

If you knew why didnt you bloody tell me!!!

Mylo said...

Things could have been so different.

Cest la Vie