Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Symptoms of Being Over 25

Any of these apply...?

1. You leave clubs before the end to 'beat the rush'. (worst still you don't go to the clubs)

2. You get more excited about having a roast on a Sunday than going clubbing the night before.

3. You stop dreaming of becoming a professional footballer / basketball player and start dreaming of having a son who might instead.

4. Before throwing the local paper away, you look through the property section.

5. All of a sudden, middle aged people are not 46, they are only 46.

6. Before going out anywhere, you ask whether there is anywhere to park.

7. Rather than throw a knackered pair of trainers out, you keep them because they'll be alright for the DIY or in the garden.

8. You buy T-shirts without anything written on them.

9. Instead of laughing at the innovations catalogue that falls out of the newspaper,you suddenly see both the benefit and money saving properties of most of the things that are in it.

10. You start to worry about your parents' health.

11. You have more disposable income, but everything you want or need to buy costs between 200 and 500 quid.

12. You don't get funny looks when you buy a Disneyvideo or a Wallace And Gromit bubble bath, as the sales assistant assumes they are for your children.

13. Pop music all starts to sound the same.

14. You opt for Pizza Express over Pizza Hut because they do a really nice half-bottle of house red.

15. You always have enough milk in the fridge.

16. To compensate for the fact that you have little desire to go clubbing, you instead frequent trendy bars and restaurants in the mistaken belief that you have not turned into your parents.

17. While flicking through the TV channels, you happen upon C4's TimeTeam with Tony Robinson. You get drawn in. Grand Designs also appeals. Not to mention Antiques Roadshow!!

18. The benefits of a pension scheme become clear.

19. You go out of your way to pick up a colour chart from B&Q.

20. You wish you had a shed.

21. You have a shed.

22. You actually find yourself saying 'They don't make 'em like that anymore' and 'I remember when there were only 4 TV channels' and 'Not in my day....'

23. Radio 2 play more songs you know than Radio 1 - and Jeremy Vine has some really interesting guests on.

24. Instead of tutting at old people who take ages to get off the bus, You tut at rowdy school children.

25. When sitting outside a pub you admire their hanging baskets.

26. You find yourself saying 'is it cold in here or is it just me'.

Oh Dear - It would seem that I have been over 25 for the last 10 years even though I'm only 26!!!


Lorna's Ark said...

middle age better not be at 46!!!!!

Anonymous said...

46 is actually over middle age officially as the bible says three score years and 10 which makes 70. So if 46 is middle age you are doing well!!!


woot said...

Hey! This is my blog and nothing here is official because the "Bible" claims it. Things here are official because "I" claim it. On my blog I am Lord and High Ruler of All. I created this blog and I am it's God.

The bible is nonsense anyway. If their was some form of catastophy and the world pretty much ended and only certain fiction books survived there are many of them which could tell the "creation" of our world and each would be as much twaddle as your "official" bible. Even then - there would be some who would eventually believe it and start fighting about it.

woot said...

Oh - and yes Lorna, you are very old...

Matt said...

Well I'm 20 and I absolutely hate clubbing. I'm like Brian in that episode of Spaced, except I don't eventually get into it.

And Grand Designs is a fantastic programme! The houses are interesting and the people are usually idiots. what more could you want?

charlie said...

I have a shed!

charlie said...

I think I well over the age of middle aged-think I have been an old woman for many years.
Just need to take up knitting now.

woot said...

I tried knitting but couldn't do it. At the time I was at brownies (yes I'm a geek and I know it) and it was a project thing we were doing. It wasn't fun...