Sunday, May 13, 2007

Alternate Universe?

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like had you chosen a different path?

Would I still be in the army? I could have gone to fight in Iraq, I could have designed a brand new type of tank or helicopter which the Yanks couldn't blow up quite so easily.

Would I have met that special man who is going to sweep me of my feet? If I were still in the army would our love be forbidden by rank or would we be torn apart be war?

Would I have written that script I started, even if it was cheesier than a triple cheese pizza with extra cheese and cheesy garlic bread on the side?

Would I have won a Nobel prize? I don't know what for but I can vaguely recall thinking it would be cool to have one when I was younger...

Would I have the two children that I lost along the way or would I still be unable to have them? If I did have them would I have left them at the shops like I think I would if I had a child?

Would I still have gotten sick?

I think I may have been watching to many sci fi movies... To many what ifs can drive a person just that little bit more insane than they already are. And my level of sanity can be called in to question quite a lot.

There is possibly only one thing I would change about my life. It's not a biggie. It would probably cause no real change. It's not a regret and it's not wishful thinking. I would still be me and would still do all the stupid things I still do. It was just a job I turned down years ago and it is the one thing I would really like to have done. I don't know why I turned it down. I just did.

Silly thing to think about all these years later and I don't know why I still think about it, but I do.


Lorna's Ark said...

what job?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

woot said...

I told you what job. I just think it would have been an excellent job and it's my only regret...