Tuesday, May 08, 2007

They are a Totally Different Species

Who are I hear you ask. Well the answer is men. There is no way on all the gods green earth that we could be even slightly the same.

There are just to many differences and the similarilties are to superficial.

If a guy I was kinda seeing told me he had just slept with someone else I would have either gone apeshit, walked out or beat the crap out of him. Or possible all of the above.

I would not have said "Excellent. Was it any good?"

This is a guy who says that he cannot stop thinking about me and wants to be with me and just cannot wait until he can introduce me as his girlfriend. Far to complicated and boring for me to explain why he cannot at the moment.

And so, while I was most pissed off before I saw him and ready to tell him where to go my resolve kinda fucked off when I was with him. Because the annoying thing is that I like him. I like him more than I have liked anyone. He is so easy to get on with. I actually tell him the truth about stuff. Including the fact that it turns out I slept with one of his mates, although this was long before I knew he even existed. He just finds this really amusing and tends to take the piss out of me for it. Which is fair really as if it was someone else who had slept with him I would take the piss out of them too.

So, after not really getting anywhere I kinda decided that I would still wait. Which is possibly very stupid of me. But hey, I never claimed to be sensible. On the other hand I also told him that if I met someone else in the meantime then he is just out of luck.

I can see it all going very wrong very soon.


Lorna's Ark said...

WHEN!!! Miss Bell are you gonna tell him to fuck off!!!! He is using you as his "beck 'n' call" girl your a hooker who doesn't charge!!!!

Tell him it him and his hand tonight and that you are done!!!!!

then send me and jo jo round!!!

You would not let me get away with this sort of carry young lady! If it was monkey boy you'd be holding him down and feeding him his testicles!!!!

sort it out woman!!!

woot said...

I can't believe that people think I rant more than you do...

CHARLIE said...

Hey its, life, it always goes tits up eventally. But as I wuv you I don't want you to get hurt.
I'm a little unsure of who you're talking about.

woot said...

Everyone hurts. If we didn't the unemployment rate amongst psychologists would rise infinately overnight and the worled economy would plunge in to a nightmare while trying to cope with all these extra people relying on goverments to look after them. It's not like the have real qualifications and could get other jobs. They pretty much rely on people being so hurt that they can no longer deal with the world. So i am just doing my bit really to keep the world going in a positive way.

And you do know who I am talking about.