Friday, May 11, 2007

Big Guy? I Doubt It...

I was merrily driving back from Darlington at about half 10 this morning, listenign to the Chilli Peppers way to loudly when I saw a really nice little sports car.

It was purple and a sports car and that is all I know as I am a girl and do not have any cars makes and models stored in my head like blokes.

Well except for the number plate. Now I know the number plates of the previous 2 cars I have owned. The one I rive now I'm not sure of but believe it starts with an X. Could'nt tell you anyone else's. Except this guys.

It was B19 GHY.

So this man has a funky little sports car which made a huge roaring noise as he blew past me on the A66 and a number plate which says reads Big Guy.

He may as well have had a huge neon sign strapped to his car saying "I have the Worlds Smallest Penis!

And he was old and bald (I caught up with him at the road works).

He must use the car as a pulling tool. It looks quite expensive so he probably tells himself that his bald head and paunch don't matter the woman will be drawn to the car.

But, hey, it's worked on me in the past. It might work for him to.

Still a small penis'd twat though....


Lorna's Ark said...

a man always has to try and have a big impressive car to compensate the size of his penis!!!!

the moral men with big cars have small willies!!!

woot said...

What about big motorbikes?