Monday, June 18, 2007

Going Dutch

Well hey there guys an' gals.

Been a while but as things have been all quiet on the western front there hasn't been much for me to blog about. I'm still doing the same guy(s), working in the same place (though that should have ended on the 8th - long story, well short story but I cannot be arsed at the moment) and have the same hair colour.

Oh - but getting it cut this week.

However. Cute Dutch boy that I met in Frankfurt has asked me to go see him for a nice long dirty weekend. How tempting is that?

He is very cute, taller than me which I know isn't difficult to do but this guy is like the size of a very tall tree! Nice body to. Though, of course, I wouldn't know only meeting him that one night in a hotel bar...

So the questions is. Do I go?

Like I say it is tempting but this time I will be on my own in a foreign country staying with a guy I have met once who, as Lorna and Jojo point out, could be an axe murderer... Though I doubt it. And I will be staying with him - I've seen bits of Eurotrash - I know what the Europeans get up to! Sounds fun. I am thinking about going. Even looked at the flights which are low too.

Importantly he is Dutch and not German, I have nothing against Germans but I just prefer the Dutch. This is possibly because I had an excellent time in Amsterdamn. Well, what I remember of the trip was excellent. *grin*


Lorna's Ark said...

you cant go without your badyguards!! Thats final

woot said...

Can to and probs will just to annoy you!