Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Even Annoying Myself

My life seem to have suddenly started revolving around work and it isn't even a job I like that much!

My life involves getting up and getting to work for half 8. I'm supposed to start at nine. I miss lunch and leave at about half 6. I'm supposed to finish at half 5.

By the time I get home all I wanna do is collapse.

I end up either soaking in the bath with a cup of tea or sprawled accross my bed reading/ watching movies/ listening to music. Sometimes all at once...

I used to be out and about actually doing things. Going places. Wandering off in foreign countries just to have a look at stuff.

I seem to have reverted to myself of 4 years ago. On the plus side I am drinking less.


Well recently I have been very good but I see that changing shortly and I feel the need to go on complete bender. Drink until I am blind then keep on drinking until I can see again.

Then have another drink to make sure.

Those who say drink doesn't help you forget your problems obviusly aint doing it right.

And on that note I'm gonna go to bed before I break in to the drinks cupboard (well, open it. It doesn't actually have a lock) and steal the vodka.

Laters. xxx


woot said...

Yes well I think I will be deleting the comments advertising random things from anonyous people thanks...

charlie said...

What did I miss?

The having no life thing and going to work/going to bed/going to bed/going to work thing I thought it was just part of life. I think most people who are in a job they hate have it-perhaps when your in a job you love it wont feel that bad.

I'd love to come on one of your drinking benders but we have a holiday in 5 weeks time so gotta try and save some money.

Lorna's Ark said...


woot said...

Don't worry Lorna. Charie and I have you scheduled to be at the centre of the drinking in November.

*subtle wink at Charlie*