Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ooooooooh look!

More pics!

That is Riley. I think. But then I also thought that was the first time I met him and it turns out that I was completely wrong and that I have met him numerous time. I apologised to him today for twisting his nipples...

And this (shock, horror) is a photo *gasp* with out me in it *faints*!!! That is Dave, Gillian and Andy. Andy you may recognise below becasue he is the subject of.....

Gratuitous Body Shot!!!! I knew I would get that one to load properly eventually! He is gonna kill me for that. Unless I don't tell him. Which sounds like a good idea. I cannot remember why I wanted a pic of his body. I'm sure there was a perfectly reasonable and sane answer at the time.

Oki, lastly, as I think I am only allowed 4 pics per post. Here is the Cleethorpes guy that Lorna keeps wittering about.

Yes that is me only a week (or so) ago. Blonde. Ick. Looks bloody awful. But then so does the wall of the nightclub we are in. Anyway. He is Richard. Nice lad. Shame about the hair. Nattered away to him all night in an increasingly drunken state and the poor boy was sweet enough to not only not look completely bored but he also picked me up after I was evily attacked by the curb and left for dead in the middle of the road & he didn't laugh but he also poured me into a taxi so I could get home in one piece.

Mostly one piece anyway.


woot said...

Mwah hah hah - I deleted that Lorna!!!

Nyah nyah nyah!

Lorna's Ark said...

still know the truth!

woot said...

Will you please stop going on about it. Yes the tit tape looks silly but it works!

GallifreyanDude said...

I would just like to say I do have some pecks it was just in that photo my shoulders were back which spoiled ..the erm overall peckness ...ahem.

Plus didn't have time to puff me chest out dammit :)