Sunday, July 16, 2006

But I do like the Uniform...

Your results:

You are Wonder Woman

You are a beautiful princess
with great strength of character.

Wonder Woman 80%

Superman 60%

Supergirl 60%

Robin 50%

Batman 40%

The Flash 40%

Catwoman 40%

Spider-Man 20%

Green Lantern 20%

Hulk 0%

Iron Man 0%

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Charlie said...

Your tits arent big enough for a fabby outfit like that-mine or Lornas now they would look fabtabluous in it!

P.s where can I find out which Super hero I am ?

Lorna's Ark said...

your in no way a super hero!!! Although if their was one who was made of tea you would win! although you would proablby drink yourself out of existence!

Charlie said... doesnt work. I will be the Roly Poly Superhero until futher notice.

Charlie said...

Used link (that does work from Lornas blog)I am mightly upset that we are the same... Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 90%
Supergirl 60%
Spider-Man 55%
Superman 50%
The Flash 50%
Robin 45%
Green Lantern 40%
Catwoman 40%
Iron Man 30%
Hulk 25%
Batman 15%

woot said...

Bh - Youre more Wonder Woman than I am. Must be my lack of breastage that accounts for the 10% I am missing...

woot said...

*that is supposed to be "Bah" not just "bh"

Charlie said...

I'll always be 10% more of a woman than you are

woot said...

Thats because your breasts are 10% bigger than mine.

*goes to get boob job*

woot said...

oki - 70% bigger...