Sunday, June 04, 2006

Need to catch up a bit...

I'm back. I've been, er, busy...

I would like to say I have been busy running round the North East going to interviews, turning down pointless people with rubbish job offers and going out dancing to the early hours of every morning but in reality I have been drinking tea on a friends sofa, baby sitting (yes i'm 25 really) and annoying my new fella by knowing nothing about cars. And he is really in to cars. Gets all annoyed when I refer to them by colour instead of make or engine size!

In my defense I have applied for about 20 jobs but I did it in the space of 2 hours and that was only on saturday. Probably wont hear be#ack from most of them.

So, yeah. Quite a successful first fortnight home really. Seems just like I have never been away. Fell back in to stuff quite easily.

Seeing Charlie tomorrow too!!! Woohoo!!! Missed her, she is so utterly fab she should get a Nobel Fabness Prize.

Lorna isn't gonna be to impressed that she isn't getting one but I had to look after her kids which just traumatised me (and them obviously).

Apparently there is a big football thing starting soon. There are cars all over the place with England flags on them which will dissapear as soon as England get knocked out.

I'm not a football fan. Can you tell?

And my brother is going to see the Chilli Peppers in concert!!!! The utter, utter, total, utter git! I wanna go and I have been a fan much longer than he has! He doesn't even own any of their music! Git.

Ooooh but I get to go to a dinner/ dance type thing with dogems. That is if me and new fella are still on speaking terms by then. The odds are that we wont. We have a strange sort of relationship... He's alright though. When he isn't deserting me for his mates... Heh heh heh - he's gonna get me for that comment...

Thats pretty much it. Oh I did go to a car show thing. Saw a rocket car! Was quite cool.

And I'm going to the pub on Tuesday night. Feel like I haven't been in a proper pub in ages. Will have to make up for it once I have a job and the money to spend on getting rat arsed.

Although the job I really want is in South Shields which is apparently quite a while away. May have to get a cute flat to go with the job...


Lorna's Ark said...

you cant get a flat miles away from me and HEY!!! you offered to babysit I never forced you! You love it really.
AND also I want a prize for putting up with rants about new fella prefering his mates to you oh and I think I deserve one for the things you have told me which I need a box for but am not allowed one coz it's a paula thing!!
P.S I'll buy you a shoe horn!!!

woot said...

I do hope he doesn't read this as you are gonna get me in soooo much trouble.

And I didn't rant about it. I mentioned it once for about a nano second...

Shoe horn thing is not to be mentioned!!!

Remember the grapes!

Matt said...

[me is puzzled, but also slightly intrigued]