Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Looking Towards the Weekend!

God I need a weekend!

And it's only Wednesday. Have actually needed a weekend since Monday morning...

Feeling a bit manic. Have to go walk psycho dog. Well, drag. Well, him dragging me.

Also preparing for CLEETHORPES!!!!

Cleethorpes = Maz!

Maz = Drunken antics that would embarrass a sailor!

Drunken antics etc = hangover from hell on Saturday!

Hangover Saturday = doing it all over again Saturday night!!!

Sunday will be a day of dying in most painful and icky ways.

I know I don't really drink but sometimes you just have to as it means for a while you wont care that your job is awful and life is going nowhere and all that shit, blah, blah, blah...

Ooooooooooooooooooooooo! I bought a Motorhead CD today! It is excellent! Have it playing very loud in the car so that I cannot think! Much better than a lobotomy! Cheaper to, it was in the sale for about 3 quid!

Was totally traumatised by none of the girls I work with know who they are and the girls are only 4 years younger than me!

I'm sooooooooo old these days. What happened? I never used to be this old? I used to be a fun free spirit who didn't care about silly things like age, responsibility. Settling down was a dirty word as far as I was concerned!

Now all I want is a cute little flat with a fire place.

I'm going to walk the dog. Never know. He may attack that gorgeous millionaire of my dreams who will buy me said flat and just tell his wife it is for investment purposes...

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