Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Not Happy

And he knows why.

Well he thinks he does but that isn't what is really bothering me.

What bothers me is that is bothers me. Why the fuck does is bother me?!?

It shouldn't bother me. I have become queen of not letting things blokes do bother me and he has fucked that whole title right out of the fucking water.

And I really liked that title.

Also it is probably the who rather than the what. Of all people it had to be him. You would think he would know me better and if one thing could have broken through my bothering shield it would be that one person!

Annnnnnnd he is turning it back round on me and making me to be the hypocrite. Which (unfortunately) is technically true but in sooooo much less quantities on my part because he fucking told fucking him! Which is one way to wind me up and he knows it!


And it still bothers me...

And the job is boring. Keeping fingers crossed for South Shields.


Lorna's Ark said...

south shields cant have you!!! Hartlepool needs a paula!

woot said...

Everybody needs a paula. Also tang.