Monday, August 28, 2006

Who are you?

Getting anonymous posts on my blog. Obviously do not mind at all, anyone may post what ever they wish on my blog but I am curious as to who it is/ they are?!?!

Why would someone I don't know read my blog and if i know them then why are they anonymous?

I fail to believe that my life is interesting enough to lure someone from the deep blue nowhere in to reading it.

So I have come to the conclusion that I'm not gonna find out who it is unless I knew significantly more about computers than I do now and set up some sort of tracker thing so I could trace the people viewing my blog. However that sounds quite insane and bunny boilerish plus would require knowledge I cannot be arsed to acquire so I'm not gonna bother...

So, now that I have sufficiently scared everyone...

I had a fab weekend! Had the best Indian ever, met a cute bloke, watched some good movies, ate Haagen Daaz (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Haagen Daaz) and caught up on nearly 2 years worth of gossip with Karen!

All in all the perfect girlie weekend.

To tired to go in to details right now. My bed is calling to me. Would be happier if there was a hot guy in it who was calling to me but quite frankly I'm so tired I would insist he went and slept in the spare room so I could starfish my self accross the entire bed. To all you couples who sleep together and are forever kicking each other and stealing back the duvets you are really missing out on the simple pleasure of falling asleep on one side on the bed, waking up on the other with the duvet wrapped around you and not having an other half who is really grumpy at you for the rest of the week.

On that note, good night!


Anonymous said...

Can`t you guess.

On your next post, I should be for Inuendo. Although that may be a bit to classy for the rest of them. Especially Lorna`s comments.

woot said...

Nope - not good at guessing games. Although now you are taunting me with your secret identity so it is gonna drive me mad and that will probably be reason for you to not tell me...

So I know you then?