Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Busy days

Just got home. Been to Holmfirth (the place they filmed Last of the Summer Wine). It was lovely. Toally quaint. No old men wandering about in frayed trousers and wolly bobble hats though.

Was down there staying with the new boss and supposedly learning about my new job before all the current staff leave on Friday.

Didn't learn much but had a really nice chinese. Fully recommend Duck in Plum Sauce.

Had a girls night out on Saturday. Drank way to much, highly irregular occurance, I know.

T'was great. I was pole dancing with Sarah, falling over, wittering at bouncers and being a general drunken idiot.

Did see the ex though, which was a bit of a shock. Knew he might be about but still wasn't prepared to see him in a pub. No idea why. Found out later he was out with a bird which felt like a bit of a kick in the stomach. He pointed out that when he saw me in was in the midst of being snogged by some bloke. But I'm allowed. I didn't want to break up and am therefore allowed to move on but reserve the right to be traumatised by him being with someone else. It's like a law of dating. If I had ended it he would be allowed to be pissed at seeing me with another guy.

Anyway. New guy has my number. He may call, he may not. I'm not overly bothered as I don't think I will be missing out on much *knowing grin*.

Anyway. I have the job so house is next on the list. Or mebbe a car... Or a shopping trip to Ann Summers as I have fallen in love with that shop. And no. I have not bought anything with batteries.

Really I should clear the credit cards before I buy anything.

Kay, going to bed. I'm so tired. My boss's house has its own gym so I was attempting to use it. Bad idea. I only succeeded in twisting my knee and wrenching my shoulder. I do love my pain killers sometimes.


Lorna's Ark said...

hey you didnt mention me in your drunken night out!! and I was the one who picked you up!
Although had nothing to do with bloke! had gone home to be with husband by that point *grin*

woot said...

Yes - for once was very glad you had gone home early. You do your best to traumatise me whenever blokes are anywhere near me...