Thursday, May 18, 2006

What the ...?

So, yes, I did go to a museum last night. Specifically The Museum of Contemporary Art at The Rocks.

Now I love The Rocks. If you ever travel to Australia and really want to feel like you are on the other side of the planet, go to The Rocks. You have the views of the Opera House and the Bridge and all the boats at the Circular Quay.

But the museum? Nope, not for me. I wandered around that place for 2 hours and y'know what I discovered? I cannot stand Modern Art!

Seriously, what is the point? All I saw were pictures of women with penises (and if I really wanted to see that I would just go outside my hotel after 10pm), women dressed as men (again, outside my hotel) and donkeys reading newspapers (ok, that isn't outside my hotel but I bet I could find one if I looked)!

Nope, modern art does not do it for me. I have no idea as to what the point is. I like old art. Most of the time you can figure out that when they are painting daisey's, they mean "Oh look, aren't the daisey's pretty".

Obviously Van Gogh* is an exception to this rule as he was abstract but wasn't he crazy and on drugs or something? But even then I know that Starry Night is a picture of a night sky with stars sparkling and stuff...

Shopping tonight, much safer...

**Duh, really should have used Picasso or Jackson Pollock as examples of famous abstract artisits. Not very knowledgeable on all this art stuff am I...

Oh and I did buy a very nice picture of the harbour bridge, the Opera House and the building in between, set at night with lots of sparkling lights, which was very pretty but that doesn't count as shopping as I had it shipped to the UK. This means I wan't carrying anyshopping bags and that is why it doesnt count!

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