Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Red Light District Fun & Games

Oooooooookay. You would think that, after staying in Amsterdam and being frightened by the "ladies" in the little red windows, not to mention the horrific assault (girl took a very strong liking to my Marilyn Monroe t-shirt) I experienced in the bathroom of a sex show place, I wouls have learnt my lesson and steered clear of the seedier places in life.

But this is me. So, no, I haven't.

I am spending my last week in sunny Oz (where it is bloody freezing and grey at the moment) in a nice little hotel in Potts Point. Which is next to Kings Cross Station.

To get to and from the quaint little hotel I walk past all manner of places. The include trendy side street cafe's, boutiques, MacDonalds (obviously, they are everywhere), adult book stores, adult toy shops, sex shows with the obligatory huge men standing on the door trying to get you to go in (well not trying to get me to go in. Just, y'know, blokes).

Which is fun. Not to bad on my way to work in the morning but it does get a leeeeetle scary when on my way back late at night. Or it would if I weren't laughing at the sad little men going in to the clubs...

Loads of little places to grab dinner, which is good. Had a strange Thai concoction last night. Something like a spicy sweet and sour with snow peas, cabbage and green things of unknown origin.

Might go to a museum later as haven't yet and people seem to be having so much fun in them over at Blue Cat (you might have to scroll down a bit to find the post I am wittering about).

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