Friday, May 19, 2006

It was Such a Good Day!

I bought the new Chilli Peppers Album!!!

And even better than that, I bought it for $5!!!

Yes folks, that is Australian dollars. Which means I got the new 2 disk album for around two pounds ten pence (no pound signs on the aussie keyboards...)!

Now I am pissed off as I don't have anything to play it on!

Oh well.

Bit of a bullet pointed post so far isn't it?

I walked for a million miles again last night! Started off in the QVB (Queen Victoria Building) went down some stairs and the next time I saw daylight again I was about 7 blocks from where I started! You could get lost forever down there!

I ended up walking from the CBD (Central Business District) to Darling Harbour and back again plus then up to the Circular Quay. Darling Harbour is beautiful in the evening with all the lights coming on. You can walk round it in a loop and I found some lovely fountains and a weird sculpture/ kids play park type thing... I have no idea what it is supposed to be which probably means it is modern art...


Matt said...

when are you back in the uk?

at the mo im downloading torrents of Green Wing series two, and wondered if you wanted me to post you a copy.

the only problem is i cant find episode 1 at the moment....

Matt said...

there we go.....just found episode 1 too :P

woot said...

Awwwwww Matt, have I mentioned that I love you to bits???