Monday, August 20, 2007

Should Probably Update My Profile

Well hello again.

I'm confused.

Yes I know it doesn't take much. Bloody men all need smacking upside the head with something hard and pointy.

I know me and Joe are complicated but I am really getting annoyed with everything. We were talking while we had our day out in Whitby (which was really nice by the way - no I still didn't get my boat ride but my hip was killing me as we walked up to the Abbey and we wanted to sneak off for a shag *grin*).

Anyway back to the talk. Joe wants to cool things a bit to take the heat off of me as apparently she was making comments about me. It is all very frustrating and I do feel for the boy but I had just gotten used to him being around and now he wont be again for a bit.

We were having a chat about his family trying to help him and make him feel better. They are also trying to et him back with his ex not realising that her not leaving is what is making him ill in the first place.

He has not been happy for a while but has not left as he doesn't want her to get hurt. Now he also doesn't want me to get hurt (emothionally or physically if she finds out!) and this is what is causing him to be so stressed. I asked if he had ever really explained it to them. Take me out of the equation and would he stay with her? He said no. Then the thing that is causing him the stress is him wanting to end the relationship without hurting her (yes girls we know this is impossible but you try explaining that to a guy!)

He just sat and looked at me like I had grown another head. "You know, no one has ever summed it up like that". He actually said that. Bloody muppet - if that isn't the problem then what the bloody hell is. He wants to end it, she wont accept it, he doesn't want to cause her the hurt but him not just saying "that's it, done" means that she keeps thinking it will all end up back to normal. To be honest his family isn't helping as they all think he is just confused and should stay with her.

But again this is because he hasn't spelt it out to anyone.

Like I say - he is a bloody muppet.

But I am getting sick of it. As far as I am concerned I am a free agent allowed to do want I like with whoever I fancy it with. The fact that he told me that I could just takes the fun out of it.

Bloody blokes.

So we are cooling it but we are still on for everything else i.e. wedding in Cancun. During Lorna's 3rd trimester just to annoy her.

He he he - just kidding Lorna - it is years off yet. Though there are no kids allowed so you would need to find a babysitter for your herd for two weeks. *grin* No I am not joking.

And No, I am not having bridesmaids. That is also not a joke. There would be far to many people I would need to ask and it isn't fair to expect them to go out to Mexico just for my wedding. It'll just be a very small thing. Though he wants me to ask his nieces which isn't gonna appen as A) they are kids and B) I don't bloody know them.

Why do people do that? Ask kids of people they don't know and don't know/ like the kids???

Nope - all banned.

Mwah hah hah hah hah - Oh apart from my nieces and nephews cause I like them...


charlie said...

can I start looking for the crappest wedding present ever please.

charlie said...

tell his family to butt out-its none of their business-its his life.

It doesnt matter what he says/does it will hurt her. The longer the facade goes on the more it will hurt. He just has to be straight saying, "I want you out, we're over. I've found a nice lovley fun girl so you need to leave" see simple.

The stress and confusion in his head will only get worse and will (eventually)impact your relationship with him and I know you dont want that.

Sorry, babe but until he splits up and gets away from the other women I wouldnt want to be with him.

woot said...

Well duh - but have you tried telling a guy that? They're not very bright you know.

He hasn't told them to do that - he needs a kick up the arse before he will do anything.

Don't even be thinking about wedding presents sugar - it is a loooooooooooooooooooooooong way off before we even think about it.

charlie said...

hell I know the wedding is a long way off it'll take me a while to find my best friend a Shit present.

Well obviously I have never had to tell a guy that, but I have had to tell a guy lots of other things. Either he loves me still or he is so wrapped around my little finger that he doesnt dare disagree. Plus I've been with said guy for nine years so must be something right.

Do you know any of his guy mates who could have a guy chat with him.

woot said...

No. I have told him. I can say anything to him. Apparently not all of it is appreciated. Note to self - do not ever say a penis looks small unless it belongs to a different guy...

Ooooh - may have had a bit of a breakthrough - he came to see me at work (awwwwww) and was wittering about stuff.

Bless him. He needs to get stuff sorted.

Lorna's Ark said...

well then that includes faith noah and bump as they are ur niece and nephews yipee!!

woot said...

They bloody are not and if I am not good enough to be a god parent then I am not an Aunt.

And bump doesn't even bloody exist yet so don't start all that crap!

Wait til it turns up and then I will start ignoring it...