Monday, December 04, 2006

Well, That Didn't Last Long

Don't ask me what went wrong as i have no idea but I got the "we need to talk" text. Bit overkill as we only went out twice but still quite sad as he was like a little puppy.

Oh well, on to the next.

And the next is...

He he he - Sorry, there is someone that has caught my eye but for complicated reasons I shall not be discussing it here in details. Not for a while at least.

So moving on somewhat, I passed my first aid course. I am hoping that this is an omen which means I am gonna have passed the first unit of the course I am doing at college.

If not, then bugger.

Anyway - I really should be doing some work even though i really cannot be arsed and would much rather be flirting and distracting and causing bother.

Laters my darlings. xxx


Anonymous said...

awwh! [big hug]

ah, well. better luck next time. in the meantime have another online hug:


woot said...

*hugs back*

Have you noticed that online hugs are the best type???

Cheers Matt, but it's no biggy. Plus this new guy I am kinda liking way more but its just gonna take a while. At least I know this guy isn't gonna send me stupid texts like the last one. He sends fab texts!!!

He he he he he he