Monday, October 16, 2006

On a Scale of One to Ten

I would say it was a minus 18867459.

So not the best birthday I have had.

To recap:
  • On my actual birthday I had to tell my bestfriend that her Grandfather had died. Ths kinda made the whole celebratory feeling flee the building.
  • Thursday I got rushed to A&E having been in vast amounts of pain.
  • Friday I spent the whole day throwing up the painkillers they had given me on an empty stomach.
  • Saturday I was slightly high on all the copious amount of drugs they sent me home with and did something I probably shouldnt have.
  • Sunday I turned psycho (possibly the drug that made me do that, as they are mood mood altering and I am currently on more than double the dose I've ever been on before) and decided to be a bitch to anyone within speaking/ typing distance. Sorry guys.
  • Monday (am) I cannot sleep. Hence the ranting at silly am.

Now you will all agree that my friend must have had a much worse weekend than I which makes all my feeling sorry for myself that much worse.

Just the fact that I was on my own for the most part when I was in A&E and then have seen an entire two people who I don't live with and have spent the vast majority of the weekend alone hasn't really helped my frame of mind.

Plus I don't have a book to take my mind off of everthing and am currently not allowed to drive. Apparently drivng while slightly drowsy, and on 4 different types of meds which can cause further drowsiness, is not a good idea.

I'm just dying to get out of the house!!! I have total cabin fever!

The only good thing I can say about the whole experience is that I got Friday off and am not going in tomorrow as I am gonna bug my Rheumatologist in to figuring what the hell was wrong with me and wether my arthritis has now spread in to my diaphram and weather it is gonna cause such agony again?

The downside of this is that I am probably gonna be on my own again.

Will also try and get him to give me something for it which will not have me back in hospital and will allow me to drive again so I can go somewhere. I don't care where. The way I feel this second I would gladly jump in the car and just keep going until I was far enough away to scream out all my frustrations without anyone hearing and thinking I had turned back in to the psycho from earlier.

Right. I think that is enough self pity. Please feel free to disregard this babble as the rantings of an insane woman.

Normal service should resume shortly.


Matt said...


i hope you arent planning on hijacking an ambulance and driving to wales/dover before swerving to avoid a sheep and ending up perched on a cliff...

ive just spent a lot of the night trying to get the intro to my 3D Facial Modelling assignment finished for today. would have been much easier if they'd given us even the vaguest ideas of what we were meant to include in it so we didnt have to just guess.

woot said...

I am actually planning just that but only if Mac, Guy and Martin come along to debate which is the best Muskateer...

charlie said...

Ok dear Paula, you win on the shitty shitty crap crap birfday competition. Mine comes no where near as crap as yours.
Now, hoy stop feeling sorry for yourself, you silly moo.
Why didnt you phone me and demand I come and spend time with you.
The thing is, jumping in the car and driving away does nothing-you're only running away from yourself. (Which is much like when dogs/cats run after their tail-futile and funny for those watching)
Are there any self-help typey groups for people with the same illness as you. Perhaps offering support/advise on how to stay sane and live with said illness.

woot said...

Tis all ok babes! I have discovered I was being vastly over medicated which is why I was turning in to the biggest spas/ bitch/ pointless twat on earth.

Meds have been reduced by huge quantities and I am now fine.

DeppZombie said...

Aww honey [big cuddly cuggles and hugs]

Oh and dont resist to come and visit me in Wales, if you DO hijack an ambulance and roam around lol!

Hope youre feeling better now [hugs]

H x

Lorna's Ark said...

I know where you can buy one!!???? There's one for sale in cambridge come with me on monday and we can buy it for our business. The poor kids are gonna need it!!! Pyscho bitches one and two looking after them!!!
We can be high on meds together!