Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Stupid Bloody Websites

I am officially sulking.

I had found a fab deal to get home on a nice, well known airline. I was impressed, wasn't at all difficult.

Except that I was looking at it in American dollars not Australian. Had I not realised this it would have cost me about a gazillion* more than it should!

Now I have to start over and try to find a good deal in a short time.

So I am currently comtemplating throwing this pc out of the window which would not be a good idea for 2 reasons. 1. it is not my pc and therefore I would be charged for any damaged caused (which would be a lot as I am on the 20th floor) and 2. the windows are reinforced so it is likely that it would just bounce off the window, land on my head, and knock me out. Which would only result in a headache and that would annoy me even more.

I will post a nastily evil pic of Lorna as I threatened on her blog when I get home.

*This is NOT an exageraton**

**This comment in no way implies that I am not exagerating...


Shari said...

Hey Paula!

Are you coming back to us then? Where will you be coming back to may I ask? If you are anywhere near the south east you should SO come out to the pub with me and Lucy (Bewilderment). Can you imagine THREE wingers in one bar? It'll be anarchy!

Anonymous said...

Hi it's Nik
so when you coming home then?!?!

woot said...

Hi all

I shall be back when I have figured out how to use actual australian websites and not the stupid american ones that I have been on *mutters about own stupidity*

Oh I miss the days when I used to sing the Nickelodeon jingle...

3 wingers in a pub Shari? Sounds like the opening gambit of a highly hilarious joke!

NB: I really hate the word verification when it is my own blog, not gonna bloody spam myself am I!

Lorna's Ark said...

SHES COMING HOME SHES COMING HOME SHES COMING PAULAS COMING HOME its better than the world cup!!! Although WILL kill her as soon as she sets foot on english ground how many SODDING rugby DVDs did you buy my husband for 30th!!!!!! COW BAG!!!! but I dont care really cause YOUR COMING HOME YOUR COMING HOME YOUR COMING PAULAS COMING HOME P.S hope your mum cant hear me singing xxxx

woot said...

Thats a bit of an over the top reaction as there were only 2... Did he like them?

My mother can probably hear what is as bad as 600 cats all yowling at the same time but will be unable to figure out the lyrics so you may continue your catterwalling...

There is one more dvd to turn up but do not fear, it is not rugby. I'm not telling you what it is though.