Thursday, April 13, 2006

And now back to the silliness

I really wanted to say "And Now For Something Completely Different" ala Monty Python but it isn't different. I am just going back to the previous thread of posting about spiders.

Now they are not just trying to get you by being all poisonous and shit. No, now they are trying to get you by breaking bones and fire!

Although I will say it does serves them right as if i came across anyform of spider I would not think to douse it in petrol. Esp if I am wearing nothing. In fact if I were starkers and a spider was around I would expect there to either A. be a bloke around to protect me from it or B. I am in the shower/ bath and would wash it down the plug hole.

Although if I were starkers with a bloke around and I still noticed the spider you can be pretty confident that his only use would be to get rid of the spider...

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Lorna's Ark said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! its so something stu would do!!!