Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Long Overdue Bloggage

Been a bit busy recently.

So what has happened. Well: -

  • Got 2 new credit cards
  • Decided to have a natural hair colour for a while so I have really nice roots at the moment
  • Passed a mock exam
  • Annoyed Lorna with the above
  • Looked after my nephew for a whole weekend
  • Became adicted to The Sims on my phone
  • Had a niece on a ventilator in Intensive Care. She should better soon
  • Had a door dropped on me
  • Decided Bournemouth is to far to go for a bloke. Well mebbe in summer, definitely notin winter...
  • Got dragged back on to Bebo and I'm hooked again. Love making silly quizzes
  • I DO NOT have knobbly knees!!!
  • Realised that I have double booked myself. Supposed to be going to a wedding in Hartlepool and to London on same day, same weekend...
  • Got whinged at for not updating my blog
Quite busy.

Can you tell I have only learnt about the bullet points recently?

I am being totally rubbish. Everytime I got bugged about upating my blog I had some fab ideas of what to write and now that I am here, updating, I've forgotten everything!!!

I do have some pics to upload and a rude video of Lorna doing very naughty things to a bottle of Bud. I do hope that one works she is very amusing when pissed, if not slightly disturbing...

Must go find the cable for my phone...


Anonymous said...

just testing to see if i can comment on a non beta updated blog or not. unless you are a beta updated blog and you havent told me....


looking forward to the video :P

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

/me twats the spammer.

not seen one of them in a while

woot said...

*kicks spammer after matt has twatted them with spanner*

That is actually quite enjoyable isn't it? New stress reflief game mebbe...?

Lorna's Ark said...


woot said...

Am too!!!!