Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bit Blurred

I had a date on Sunday night so as you can imagine I was feeling slightly fragile on Monday.

It went really well. Definitely liking this guy.

I turned up to meet him, slightly late (this is me after all), with Lorna and Charlie in tow. This served 2 purposes. 1. if he was weird they could save me and 2. cause I was nervous and rubbish and needed the distraction a bit.

Poor bloke, dread to think what was going on in his head but he handled it ok and managed to make a good impression on Lorna and Charlie which is, as we all know, the most important thing!

So they left and we managed to carry on as if all was normal and it was fab. No silences, just enough taking the mic for us to both know we weren't up our own arses and we really got on well. Lorna thinks he is my male equivalent so god help those around us.

The restaurant was fun. We had just sat down and I managed to get flying fish in my hair which caused a giggle and had the bloke next to me apologising for about 20 minutes! It was a real laugh. Trying to work chopsticks, betting each other on who can flick food the furthest, playing shuttles with prawn skeletons, you know - all the usual things people do. I even was feeding him stuff from my chopsticks. Mostly the stuff that looked weird which I didn't wanna eat...

(I won the prawn skeleton shuttle game)

By this time we were totally relaxed and completelt stuffed so we staggered back to the pub and proceded to drink ourselves stupid. And the barmaid arranged our next date for us! Lol, I knew her and she is gonna be the manager of the new bar in Seaton so she asked me if I wanted to go down, I said yes and mentioned bringing new fella. Hadn't menton it to him before he next went to the bar so she did and he obviously hadn't a clue what she was on about! Oooops!!! Oh well, he was up for it and he will just have to get used to me being rubbish. Better he realises it now I suppose!

Then went in to town got completely wankered. Again with the Ooooops! Oh well, he was just as drunk as I was.

Went back to his to watch a movie. I ended up falling down the stairs.

Got home at 20 to seven on Monday morning!

We had drunkenly decided on going to the cinema Monday night but both kinda decided against after I had turned up to work still slightly drunk and were both completely knackered.

So promising start. I'm just waiting for it to all go wrong now.

*grin* xxx


charlie said...

To the fate monkeys,
don't let it go wrong. Its lovley to see/hear Paula all loved up and happy.
Dare I say it he could be "the one,"
enjoy your date love.

Lorna's Ark said...

He is so totally your male equivalent!!!! He is so you only male, mad, and quite insane, and loves me!!!
So this could end up as your bloody fairy tale dream (bitch) or a complete mess (which it wont!!)

Also he's loaded!!!!!!!! YEAH BABY DISNEY LAND AND SPORTS CARS HERE WE COMEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! (sorry got a bit excited with the eeeeing)

Anonymous said...

oooooooooooo, get you!

hope it goes well, nudge, nudge, say no more ;)

DeppZombie said...

Damn you lot and your non-singleness...


Heehee good luck with all!

H x

woot said...

Don't worry deppy, it wont last long!

charlie said...

it will last as long as paula stays cute and girlie

woot said...

Im not cute and girlie!!!!