Monday, July 16, 2007

Bad Parenting

Well I thought it was funny...

I have had such a busy weekend.

Out Friday (total waste of time) then was even more knackered as people think that 2am is THE time to be texting me. I got more texts and phone calls between the hours of 1am and 4am on Friday and Saturday than I did in the rest of the week! They were nice texts and phone calls though. Had a huge chat with a mate at 2am on Saturday night (technically Sunday morning), it was nice.

Out Saturday which was much more pointful.

Kiddies birthday party on Sunday. I hid in the kitchen with the kettle and the tea bags/ milk/ sugar (and cheese and pineapple sticks which I really annoyed Lorna by eating before the party started) etc so by the time the kids left I was on total caffeine high!

Then got lost (twice - though technically the first time I wasn't lost I just thought I was so went a different way and got lost...) on the way to Darlington because I was told that the A66 was closed. It wasn't, as I manaaged to get back that way as I missed the turn I was supposed to make to go the wrong way which would have been the right way if the road had been closed?

Got that?

No, because it is all stupidly confusing?

Tough. Try driving it. In the rain!


charlie said...

You were in my neck of the woods and didn't come and visit- *sob*

woot said...

When was I in your neck of the woods? Youre just off the A689 - I went down the A19!!!

Lorna's Ark said...

I love the ducks please can I do it to my kids when they are crying!!!!

woot said...

Yes - it's what I do to them when they cry...