Sunday, February 26, 2006

Huge Fricking Scary Spider

I was awoken by my flatmate at the crack of 10.30am today (it is Sunday!)!

"Why?" I hear you ask. Ok, I don't hear you ask at all as I am possibly quite far away from anyone who actually reads this (although I know people do read this so Yay!), but I am gonna tell you anyway.

Firstly you should know that out of all the poisonous creatures in the world most of 'em live in Australia. And no, I am not that poisonous, I'm just visiting!

Well one of these horribly poisonous little buggers was outside my bloody FRONT DOOR!!!!!

And it was a spider which makes it doubly scary!

Yessireeeeee folks I had a vastly massive Sydney Funnelweb Spider on my funking doorstep!

Oki, it wasn't that massive or vast, and according to our neighbour it is only a baby funnelweb, but I defy you to see one on your doorstep and not have the screaming hab dabs!

And here is a picture of the creature, awful looking thing i'm sure you agree...

This isn't the actual spider I saw but this is what they look like fully grown. When they decide to attack you they lean back on their haunches and huge great fangs push forward.

Apparently if you stand on them they can bite though trainer soles.

I'm gonna go buy some bovver boots!

Also I was watching Jaws last night. Sharks AND spiders in the space of 12 hours...?

I may never sleep again!


Lorna's Ark said...

I agree seeing one of them would be enough to have me on the first plane home!!! safe with my best bud and my red dwarf dvd's!

woot said...

Now you are just tormenting me!