Thursday, February 16, 2006


Big congratulations to my bestest bud in the whole wide world whom I love to teeny tiny little pieces!!!

She has just had a cute little baby boy!

He is the second baby to her and husband Stu and they are both hugely happy that baby boy is now home and snug in his crib.

Now I have been blamed for that pregnancy (and the previous one) as it seems that everytime I take Lorna out for the night she ends up getting drunk and 9 months later she has a baby (would like to insert her that the actual impregnatin act has nothing to do with me).

She wants 4 kids in total so, by my calculations, we are due for another night out in November...

I can't wait!

Miss you babes, Auntie P will be home soon to see my newest little babe.


Mylo said...

Pass congrats onto Lorna for me will ya.

woot said...

Will do doll.

Hows you? Looking forward to being a seaman again *grin*?

Lorna's Ark said...

I'm glad you are happy for me babes I noticed there was no comment about the red haired baby by product of the lesbian affair!

woot said...

thats in the previous post comments...