Wednesday, January 25, 2006

With the most sincere apologies

I have to admit to being hooked on Celebrity Big Brother...

Even having escaped to Oz and not actually watching a single episode I still have to have my daily "fix" of the CBB news.

But it is strange how everything comes across different on the TV rather than in the CBB news.

I think Michael is quite amusing, with his pottering around, cooking, cleaning, mental breakdown looming. Reminds me of a little old lady I know. But my mother (who used to be a big Barrymore fan) thinks he is horrible.

However we both think Pete is really funny...

I also think Preston and Chantelle look really cute. I have no idea who on earth he is, being relegated from the British music scene, but he seems quite a cute little guy. I obviously have as little clue who Chantelle is as the rest of the world as she was a fake celebrity, but they still seem sweet.

The good thing about just reading the CBB news is that I have no idea how annoying and tedious any of them really are and so i can just sit back and enjoy the read.

Mebbe I should apply for BB7. I could be a truely unique contestant in that I will not
a) Have orgies in the swimming pool
b) Attempt to snog everyone in the house
c) Go on the show in the hope to be the next big pop star as I cannot sing (although this doesn't seem to have stopped the rest of 'em)
d) I am not (yet) insane
e) I would not wish to reveal all my deepest secrets and insecurities to the nation

I would, in short, be a rubbish BB7 contestant.

Also in the news is the Take a Break Magazine is putting together a Political Party called Mum's Army.

Well thats good then...


Anonymous said...

I think you'd make a pretty good contestant. You'd start the arguements between th eothers, then run off and hide int he corner!

Although if you do go, it means you won't be able to see me in the summer!

woot said...

No, but if you watched you may just see what you have been after a picture of...

Anonymous said...

True. But I may not be here!

Mylo said...

I've decided that you in BB wouldnt be such a great idea. You're far too evil and will be the next Nasty Nick!