Friday, January 27, 2006

An Excercise in Pointlessness

Now I realise that with my track record I am the last person in the world who should be giving out advice on relationships but I'm gonna, so there.

I have a couple of rules bout any guy I would date and I am gonna list them here.

1. He hits you, you leave. Straight away. Being thrown in to a wall by a guy made me realise that I didn't really like him anymore.
2. Don't go for looks. Looks fade but a guy who can make me laugh and keep me interested is a rarity. So if you find one, keep him.
3. Don't change. Obviously change clothes, no one will like you if your clothes are old and really smell. But don't be someone else. Wear the clothes you like, not the ones that will suit him. Like the music you like, not some pointless rubbish he thinks is good.
4. Chill. Nothing irks (yes, I said irk. Don't worry, t'was a one off. Promise) me more than when things get stressed and are suddenly blown out of all proportion.

And thats it really. I'm young, i'm not really looking for a fella as I will just be leaving him in Sept when I head back to the uk. But if there are any cute, dumb, blond surfer types out there with millionaire daddies out there reading this, my number is 0413....

Oh yeah, another thing. If you meet a nice, funny guy in, say, the Davistown RSL and you give him your number - make sure its the right one. I really should learn what mine is!


Mylo said...

Does that advice cover what to look for in a girl too?

woot said...

No, In girls all (cute) men should look for a girl who is 5ft 4", red hair with blonde highlights, slightly sunburnt, ridiculously freckly and who wear jeans that are about 2 sizes to big...

.. and is me, obviously.

Lorna's Ark said...

WHAT YOU LIKE!! Your not qualified to give out advice on relationships! Although you do make some good points! However I'd stick to your day job honey he he love ya really!
Mylo word of warning RUN!!!