Wednesday, May 06, 2009

I'm Not Dead

It isn't just a (fantastic) song by Pink, it is a statement of my being.

No I am not dead - as the last comment on my previous post asks. Nor am I shagging to much to blog (sadly).

I don't know. I just moved away from this blogging malarky. It seemed that I used to be on here constantly, sharing every thought and nuance of my day. Not because I thought you were specifically interested but because I had nothing else to do... Phone calls from Australia were far to expensive to ring the people I wanted to tell specific things to so everything was produced en mass and left here to wallow in the blogosphere.

Anyway I am back and it is highly likely that I am as boring as ever and now that Lorna has several million children it is unlikely that even she will read it...

I have a new mission!


It is a typical woman mission I am afraid. Actually, no. I am not afraid. I am proud of my typical woman mission!

I am calorie counting.

Ha. After all the build up I bet you thought it woud be more exciting...

I have never calorie counted before. I am a firm beliver of the simplest rule. Weight loss is simple. Eat less, do more. But I am also a firm believer that I don't eat that much and if I think about it really honestly I will probably find out that it may not be quite true.

Now I am quite happy to post on here what I am eating and the calorie counts, over the moon for people to read that I have been naughty and had an Indian takeaway, ecstatic for you to know that one day I was really good and ate only celery (never gonna happen). I am not, however, going to post my weight. Bridget Jones is far braver than I and also has the benefit of being imaginery so doesn't count...

Seems like only yesterday that I was a slender size 8. It wasn't though. It was about 2 years ago.

So I have my Wii fit, My Fitness Coach, a bike, a fella who is weird and active and 2 dogs who are insane. This should all add up to trimness. But we will see. And anyone who wishes to post comments should note that even the abusive ones will get me off my arse so all are welcome.

Anyway. The actually calorie counting bit.

Cannot post today's as haven't finished but here is yesterday:

Tuesday 5th May
Calories: 1547 (good)
Fruit/ Veg: 1 (bad)
Exercise: light (ok but could be better)

Did you know that there is 48 calories in a cup of tea??? Well not in just the tea but if you add milk and 2 sugars it equals 48! Not changing to sweetener though. Vile stuff. Should be banned along with that weird milk that you get in the little cartons which is vile and would survive a nuclear explosion along with the cockroaches...

Okies. So that is it for now. I will keep this updated with my progress, mainly just for my own motivation but if any one is interested or has any questions about what I am doing feel free to ask.

In the words of Jeremy Clarkson: "How hard can it be?"


Matt said...

wooooooooooo! i've been checking your blog pretty much every day for the last 15 months to see if you've updated, and finally you have!

the main reason i kept checking was just cos your blog was in my daily bookmarks and i kept forgetting to skip past it, but there ya go.

my life is currently very boring so blogging has given way to twittering until something blogworthy actually happens.

looking forward to seeing how many calories you've counted in your next post in another 15 months time ;)

woot said...

Ahha! I am blogging today so Ner ner ner!

I haven't managed to get my head round twitter... It sounds confusing and makes me think of the old cartoons where you get hit on the head and then birds fly round you twittering and I just cannot get past it...