Saturday, October 20, 2007

Sorry, been busy

For, er about two months... Oops!

Ok, so a lot has happened since I was last on here. Most of which I cannot remember. I will blog about what little of it is left in my memory. To make it go a bit quicker I will just list them in a way that is both boring and tedious.

1. Working trip to Brussels. First job as a consultant!!! Yay, go me etc. Did the exact same as when I went as an assistant but this time I was not a direct employee of the business...
2. HOLIDAY!!!! Bulgaria was lovely and I got some fabby tan lines which have already faded.
3. Had a double date with Lorna & Stu, Me & Joe for my birthday where I was ceremoniously tortured and ridiculed. Isn't it great to have friends.
4. Went out for dinner with lots of friends then went out drinking, got sloshed and then promptly passed out as soon as I saw my bed. Joe was not impressed.
5. Er, thats it. I have a rubbish memory.
6. Thought about running for prime minister.
7. Decided it would be far to much like hard work.
8. Bastard didn't hold an election so couldn't have anyway.
9. Joe made me the first cup of tea he has ever made me since we met last december!

Right cannot be bothered with that anymore.

Will blog again soon but for now I am feeling totally shit as I am full of cold and I am convinced that my ear is about to fall off.


P. xxx


charlie said...

Has that ear fallen off yet then?

woot said...

Not yet. I am setting up a sweep if you wish to guess a date...